Hi!! I’m Pallavi. I own Chewy Gooey Heaven, a food and photography blog. I am a total dessert person,and I’m especially fond of Chewy Gooey (and of course heavenly) desserts.

Chewy Gooey Heaven is my attempt to show you dessert people out there how you can make your own yummy creations or where you can find the Chewiest,Gooeyest desserts that transport you straight to heaven. I like good-looking food,but am more of a taste over looks kinda person,so if I happen to come across a sticky messy looking pudding that tastes like a bit of divinity,then I will totally put up the ugly photo while describing to you desert people what a melting moment it was when I tasted it.

It took me about three weeks to pick the perfect name for this blog.I asked around for loads and loads of suggestions and wracked my brains for three long weeks. Eventually I had this ten page list of really good, available URLs,some of them sounded just amazing. But I just could not pick one. It didn’t feel right,I felt like if I just waited another day the perfect name would somehow magically be delivered to me by fate. And thats exactly what happened. I happen to follow Nigella Lawson on Twitter,seeing as she is my all time favorite dessert person and a huge inspiration to the world of delicious dessert,and she happened to tweet about this dessert she made.She described it as Chewy Gooey Heaven,and the second I saw it I knew that it was THE perfect name for my blog.

It is my dream and ambition to eventually open a chain of dessert bars that are highly interactive and  write a few recipe books. There is a long way to go for all that but I’m really happy that now there is this emerging trend for dessert appreciation in my country. I believe there is a dessert person within each of us and having sweet,sinful dessert is an indulgence that transports us to a magical place.

I hope you dessert people enjoy reading Chewy Gooey Heaven as much as I enjoy writing it. I would love to hear from you.



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